Vision, Misson and Values


The UOWD vision is to be one of the top private universities in the UAE, and, therefore be the university of choice for high quality students in the UAE and surrounding regions.


To be recognised for providing a high quality, Australian-based tertiary education:

  1. offering a broad range of innovative programs at all levels of tertiary education,
  2. having the highest quality teaching,
  3. providing a complete student experience,
  4. valuing cultural diversity,
  5. maintaining both national and international accreditation,
  6. engaging in outstanding research,
  7. working closely with commerce, industry, government and the UAE community, and
  8. capitalising on our close relationship with UOW for the benefit of both Universities and for the development of the human capital of the UAE.


UOWD has adopted the following set of values, which guide the behaviours of staff in all parts of the University. These are also values we expect our graduates to develop and refine through their learning at UOWD:

  • Passion: we love what we do
  • Creativity: we are innovative and imaginative
  • Collaboration: we share knowledge, expertise and resources
  • Integrity: we are honest, ethical and reliable
  • Courage: we speak our mind, take the initiative, and are steadfast in our decisions
  • Exceptional performance: we encourage everyone to shine; to go above-and-beyond