Recruitment Process

How to Apply

All our current vacancies are advertised on our employment website. We only accept complete online applications for all positions. If you are keen to apply for any advertised position please visit here. In case the position you are looking for is not available we encourage you to submit your application for future vacancies here

Step by Step Guide to our Recruitment Process:

We have a very thorough selection process for hiring the best-matched candidate for vacant positions. Given below is the step by step guide to our recruitment process:

  1. Fill the online application and submit your CV / resume against any advertised position that matches your profile.
  2. All completed online applications are reviewed by a Selection Committee which includes a minimum of three panellist (The Line Manager, subject specialist and HR representative)
  3. The Selection Committee selects a suitable process and selection tools based on the essential criteria for the position.
  4. The Shortlisted candidates are informed through the same email provided to us in the system. All our communication is done through emails.
  5. The selection process for Academic and Administration positions is very different.
    1. For Academic positions, the process includes an initial telephone or a face to face (for locally based candidates) interview. If the candidate is successful after the initial stage, we then arrange a Video Conference or invite the candidate to visit our campus to deliver a 'Guest Lecture Seminar' which will be attended by our Academic staff.
    2. For Administration positions, the process includes an Assessment Centre to allow maximum number of applicants to be assessed and provide an opportunity to better assess the job role and their match.
  6. Successful candidates in Step 5 are invited for a final interview. Reference checks are made to the nominated referees.
  7. Successful candidates in Step 6 are made an offer.
  8. Upon acceptance of the offer by the candidate, we initiate the induction process which includes induction in relocating to Dubai (for International hires), clearance from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, residence visa application, etc.
  9. Once Step 8 is successful, all the other candidates are updated on their application status.
  10. If a candidate needs feedback after the Assessment Centre or the Seminar they should contact the Recruitment Officer. Where a more detailed feedback required, an appointment with the Line Manager will be arranged by the Recruitment Officer.
  11. If we are unable to find the right candidate from the above process, we will re-advertise the position and start the selection process again.