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Prof. Mohamed-Vall M. Salem BSc Jeddah, MSc, PhD Montreal

Prof. Mohamed-Vall M. Salem received a Master of Science and PhD in Computer Science from the University of Montreal (Canada). While a postgraduate student, he received the IBM Centre for Advanced Studies Ph.D. fellowship for three consecutive years and the "Bourse d’excellence de la Francophonie" from the Canadian International Development Agency.

Prof. Salem previously worked as a software engineer for several years, undertaking collaborative research with the IBM Center of Advanced Studies (Toronto) and HP Protocol Test Center (Montreal), and worked for some time as a product analyst for a start-up software company in Canada. His areas of interest and expertise are in both technical and non-technical aspects of computing including software engineering, performance analysis and scalability, innovation and ethics in information technologies. He was appointed in 2005 as Faculty Fellow with the IBM Toronto Laboratory Centre for Advanced Studies and is a member of the steering committee of the North African and Middle East ACM Programming contest.

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