Finance and Accounting

About the Faculty

The Faculty of Finance and Accounting is responsible for the delivery of two undergraduate programs and one graduate program. It also contributes to the doctoral program of the university. Academic staff contribute to both teaching and research outcomes and normally teach at both graduate and undergraduate levels. Teaching facilities are modern and research is facilitated with very strong library resources and the provision of research funding. Staff are regular contributors to international conferences.

Programs delivered are reviewed regularly and are subject to quality assurance processes frequently. The subjects in each of the programs are designed to contribute strongly to the academic development of students by teaching them how to exercise judgement, apply skills, communicate effectively, and effectively self-manage themselves in a work environment. It is an outcome of this orientation that our students enjoy strong opportunities for meaningful employment or self employment.

Why work for this faculty?

The faculty and its students represent many nationalities and cultures. While the university is Australian, these cultures add much to the working environment. This is evident in research activity where much of the research undertaken reflects cross cultural issues together with those more national and regional. Such an environment also contributes much to teaching and learning. With such a cultural mix existing between faculty and students, much is added to classroom discussions and debates thus very much strengthening the learning experience for students.

It is because of the above attributes that many of our existing faculty decided to join the university. We continue to seek applications from strong academics and especially those who will enjoy working in our positive environment.

Meet some of our faculty