Our Culture


Our people are reflective of the diverse cultural fabric of Dubai. UOWD boasts staff from 32 different nationalities, many of them international specialists in their fields of specialism, and each contributing in their own way to make UOWD the culturally unique, empathetic and welcoming environment that it is today.


Cultural diversity lies at the heart of UOWD operations and is actively celebrated in the workplace in a host of different ways. From cultural days to national origin sporting events, staff are encouraged to draw upon their social heritage.

UOWD has developed a work culture of its own as well. The UOWD culture is one of encouragement and support, a culture that seeks to facilitate a better work/life balance for staff and to enable them to reach their personal and professional goals. Flexible working arrangements lend to the supportive culture at UOWD, as does a forward thinking leadership team. Staff of UOWD can immerse themselves in a work culture that instils a genuine sense of belonging and self worth.